Welcome to the Web Servery

This is a collection of web services I use in my own projects.

Most of them are for things that require ongoing maintenance... eg the public holidays of Australia are decided on an ad hoc basis by our crazy politicians so they can't be predicted, we just have to wait for them to be handed down. Usually we get to know them a year or two ahead, except when they are related to footy. In that case, the footy people get to decide on a whim whenever they like.

Australian Public Holiday Checker

If you need to know whether a particular day is a particular holiday in a particular Australian state, send the day and state to this service and get an answer back like "NORMAL", "SATURDAY", "SUNDAY", "QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY", "LABOUR DAY".

Currently free, very likely to remain free. If you want this for a particular project and need a service-level agreement, contact me, it can be done!

Australian public holidays - API Playground

and a cool example of the output See upcoming holidays

Bank Statement Madness

Helps you work out what that cryptic and suspicious transaction on your credit card or bank statement actually means

Bank Statement Madness